Dr. Sam Klarreich, PH.D.

President of The Berkeley Centre for Effectiveness and The Centre for Rational-Emotive Therapy (Toronto), has a distinguished career spanning more than 35 years as a psychologist at a major Toronto hospital, director of an employee assistance program at a multi-national oil company, vice-president at a national career consulting firm.

Dr. Sam has dedicated his life to helping other people - working with hospitals, corporations, associations, colleges, universities and sports teams across North America on health and performance issues, such as addictions, stress critical incident stress, burnout, personal excellence, engaging change, coaching for results, personal empowerment, creating better and faster results, violence in the workplace, double bottom line organizations.

Dr. Sam understands the challenges of mind and body issues and the pursuit of optimal health and wellness. Dr. Sam has developed an immense capacity to dedicate his energy to improve the lives of others because he has built his own personal foundation for high performance... the Champion way.

DJ Jazzy T

DJ JAZZY T  Myself and the Champion team took the time to understand the challenges in my busy life.  Balancing life as a father, DJ, producer, athlete, husband and businessman.  The solutions we came up with have been amazing.  The focus is on using natural ingredients that I grew up with tho optimize my health and enhance my performance.  I am a Champion at living well and achieving the best at everything I do.


Mark Derro

From professional athletes to weekend warriors...  He takes great care to use products that mind the mission of good health and sustainability.  His customers trust his judgement to ensure they have healthy hair and a healthy scalp.  The products Mark uses for his clients and himself originate in the wealth of natural resources our planet offers.  To excel at his profession and meet the benchmark his customers have established.  Mark lives the Champion mission... a high performance lifestyle supported by nature and nutrition the Champion way.